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Preparation for the Asessment


Appointment of the assessment team

The ATS assessment team shall be appointed according to the size of the conformity assessment body and diversity of fields and scopes of the conformity assessment activites the accreditation is sought for. The assessment team is composed of a lead assessor, relevant number of assessors/technical assessors and/or technical experts for each of the conformity assessment field.

ATS shall notify, in a timely manner, the conformity assessment body of the names of the assessment team members and organization in which they are employed, in order to enable the conformity assessment body to send a remark to the appointment of a specific team member. In case of written objections to certain members, those objections will be reviewed and if it is determined that the objection was justifiably raised, the new assessment team/Team Leader/team member will be appointed. If the conformity assessment body does not approve the newly appointed assessment team, ATS shall propose appointment of assessors/experts from accreditation bodies that are signatories to the multilateral agreements instead of the team member whose appointment was objected to. If the conformity assessment body does not even approve the newly appointed assessment team composed of foreign assessors/experts, ATS will make a decision on the termination of the accreditation procedure. The conformity assessment body has the right to appeal if it is not pleased with the ATS decision to terminate the accreditation procedure. Recruitment of assessors/technical experts from other accreditation bodies signatories to the ЕА MLA is also possible in the situation when ATS assesses, on the occasion of reviewing its own resources to perform the accreditation procedure, that it does not have sufficient competence, i.e. that it does not have human resources to competently and impartially perform the said assessment or in the case of cross-frontier accreditation.